The Company

For the last decade, the expertise behind Panelec has been intimately involved with the challenges facing manufacturers of production sailboats and motor cruisers. We fully understand that within a manufacturing process each of the components must not only do its part to create the whole, but the installation and commissioning of that component must be as simple and efficient as possible.

Good Value and Common Sense

Outback Marine Australia was founded in 1997 as a retail/wholesale company specialising in marine electrical, desalination, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Over the years, the demand grew for electrical control panels, instrument panels and instrument clusters that could not be satisfied by standard products, and so a range of panel products was developed in-house. Panelec is now a fully fledged business division of Outback Marine, with its own modern CAD and manufacturing systems. Using our experience in the design and engineering of electrical panels and other panel assemblies, we can provide efficiencies by providing a single source for one system versus multiple component suppliers to build separate sub-assemblies. We take pride in what we make, and strive to do it right the first time.

Dependable and fast

From waterproof, backlit, circuit breaker panels to instrument clusters (that can incorporate OEM clusters if required) to comprehensive electrical power distribution panels, our products are supported with full technical documentation. We can produce custom labels, logos and mimics and can handle both high and low volume orders. We manufacture products for:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Sailboats and motor cruisers
  • Specialty Vehicles