Application Specific Panel Products

Panelec strives to offer distinctive panel products and system solutions that enhance and add value to its clients product. We recognised that traditional standard product electrical panel systems that focused heavily on circuit breakers, meters and switches could not adapt to the application specific needs of our OEM client base.

Panelec has developed a design and manufacturing technology that facilitates component mounting flexibility within the constraints of production capability; with a design and manufacturing turn time that is leading the industry.

And after all is said and done, we appreciate that style, functionality and appearance is everything when it comes to looking like it belongs.

  • Our standard panel material is resistant to smudging, scratching, corrosion, UV light, glare, reflection, moisture, fire and just about anything that you can throw at it. This means that the panel will be looking like new for the life of the application. You can count on it.
  • We offer alternative panel coatings such as wood grain, carbon fibre look and solid colour finishes for decor driven applications; however scratch, smudge and reflection resistance is lessened to the level of painted finishes.
  • Panel labels use larger type faces that stand a better chance of being read without wearing reading glasses. They are reverse engraved for durability and are easily changed without major panel surgery. In-house laser engraving means that the correct label is available right away.
  • Our thicker panel substrate is made of a composite material that supports 3D machining so that many components can be reverse mounted for a flush appearance. Most often we can drill and tap the material from behind so that the front appearance is "crisp and clean" without visible mounting screws or using a plastic cover.
  • In-house CAD and computer controlled machining gives us the capability to turn prototype designs in literally hours if required. Production jobs can be met in days.
  • Panelec maintains construction files of all products which means that panels can be upgraded with new electronics and features years into the future. Your customers can request an upgrade panel fitted with the equipment of their choice that literally screws into position.

Dash Panels

Dash panels present a special challenge in that the components from as many as six or seven different manufacturers each might have different mounting schemes and aesthetic qualities in mind. Our design and manufacturing methodology (along with a few tricks) has enabled dash panel solutions that have a cohesive "factory finished" look. Our extensive CAD library of instrument and control devices ensure rapid design times with first production results. Production support is offered with the supply of cut-out templates and matching mold implants.

When the time comes for an owner to upgrade with the latest generation instruments, Panelec can access the CAD design archive to implement a new panel that not only matches the style of the original product but literally screws in place. more . .

Electrical Panels

Our electrical panels also utilise an extensive CAD library of components such as circuit breakers, switches, labels, LED's etc. along with proprietary third party vendor components like meters, control panels etc. Customers can specify circuit breaker quantities, values and associated labels.

Our symbol library definitions allow us to soft prototype a computer based model to provide our clients with a full size print (or Acrobat file) of the intended product. The printed panel "cut-out" can be placed at the intended location to provide visual feedback of the final product.

Engine Control Panels

Panelec supplies a range of control panels that replace the standard panels from engine and generator set manufacturers.

DC Distribution Boards

DC Distribution boards are the behind the scenes workhorse of electrical system designs. They are factory wired to enable rapid deployment in the application. A range of standard boards are available to cover vessel and vehicle applications.