Electrical Panels

Panelec offers two types of electrical panels - a waterproof rocker panel series and an electrical panel system.

B Series Panel System

The B Series is a general purpose panel system that is used for both extra low voltage DC (up to 32 volt) and low voltage AC (up to 250 volt) applications. In addition to traditional circuit breaker, switching and metering components, the B Series can mount control panels and assemblies from a broad line of third party manufacturers. This extends the application of the panel system beyond that of an electrical panel into the realm of a fully fledged component mounting system. This means that a fully integrated engineering panel system can be created (see panel at right). The diverse range of panel functionality includes:

  • Circuit breaker protection and switching from 5 amp through 300 amp capacity
  • Reverse engraved LED backlit labels with integrated LED status indicators
  • Local and remote battery switching
  • Battery monitoring
  • Alarm annunciation and control
  • Electrical parameter metering
  • AC source selector switching
  • Mimic panels
  • Equipment control panels (battery charger, inverter charger, desalinators etc)
  • Fluid level monitoring

House Panel
DC House Panel

DC Distribution Panel
Master DC Distribution Panel

WM Panel
Watermaker Panel

The panels are arranged in a row and column format of circuit breaker containers where each container measure 112 mm wide by 19.05 mm high. From a practical point of view, panels are available up to 5 columns wide by 24 rows deep at a resolution of one row or column. In theory, the panel tooling could accomodate up to 16 columns by 60 rows or 10 columns by 90 rows.

The diversity of the panel system required a new approach to specifying the panel content and layout. A web based Virtual Panel Builder™ (VPB™) was developed as an alternative to the traditional paper or spreadsheet approach. This unique tool allows a user to fully configure all elements of a panel including panel size, panel components, component values and component labels. The customer panel specification resides in a secure database on the web server where it is ready for processing by Panelec staff.

RA Series Rocker Switch Panels

The RA series of rocker panels are primarily used in vessel helm and vehical dash board applications. Carling Technologies "Contura" rocker switches feature waterproof seals that prevent dust and liquids from passing beyond the panel facia. The backlit label system is also sealed. This means that the panel can be situated in a hostile environment where the panel is openly exposed to the elements.

Each switch has a dedicated ATO type fuse holder that is rated up to a maximum of 15 amps. The label is backlit using a blue LED and incorporates a red indicating LED that is lit when the switch is on.

10 Way Rocker Panel
10 Way Rocker Panel

The same assembly objects that are used for the Rocker Switch Panels can also be specified for use on custom helm panels. Like the B Series system, the RA Series panels are fully configurable using the Virtual Panel Builder™ program.

Custom Helm Switches
Custom Helm Panel Switches

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