Engine Panels

Panelec provides replacement control panels for a variety of engine manufacturers. Our panels offer an alternative decor which is compatible with our electrical panel and dash panel product lines. In many case the panel form factor will change to better suit the application aesthetics. For example port and starboard versions have a mirrored layout that ideally suit mounting either side of the helm. If you can't find your panel here then please contact us for your requirements.


Caterpillar have recently introduced their new electronic panel. The components are mounted on a black anodised panel with white screen printed lettering.

Caterpilla Genset Panel
Caterpillar OEM Genset Panel 190 x 125 mm

Caterpilla Genset Panel from Panelec
Panelec EPC01 Caterpillar Panel 180 x 100 mm


The standard Yanmar engine panel is attractive in finish and can be reverse mounted if required. Our replacement panel has a more compact form factor and is available in port and starboard versions that mirror the layout to facilitate a functional side by side installation. The illumination switch has been deleted from the panel in favour of a user supplied single switch to control all instrument illumination.

Yanmar Panel
Standard Yanmar Panel 470 x 180 mm

Yanmar Port Panel  Yanmar Stbd Panel
Yanmar Port and Starboard Replacement Panels 334 x 195 mm


The standard Westerbeke generator panel has screen printed white lettering on a black anodised aluminium plate. The replacement panel uses Carling Contura style switches replacing the Westerbeke toggles. The standard Westerbeke volt meter has been deleted as most installations will already have a system volt meter.

Westebeke Genset
OEM Westerbeke Panel 170 x 138 mm

Westebeke Genset Panel
Replacement Westerbeke Panel 169 x 164 mm